Tools for extruders

The final product of Beologic is often the raw material for extruders. Since we pursue long-time relationships with our customers, we are quite aware of the problems they may encounter with their tooling. Our activity includes the development, supply and maintenance of tools optimized for Beologic and non-Beologic compounds. These tools and services are united under the brand name Beotool.

WPC extrusion tools

Beotool builds tailormade extrusion tools for WPC-WFC-NFC and other filled polymers. Beologic extrusion tools are optimized for Beologic ‘ready to use’  WPC compounds. Thier modular layout lets them work with other well developmed WPC formations too.

  • Tailor-made extrusion tools for WPC-NFC
  • Ready-to-run
  • Optimized for Beologic ‘ready to use’ WPC compounds
  • State-of-the-art technology

Tool systems

Beotool provides tool systems for WPC and technical profiles optimized for your applications. The Beologic tool system is state-of-the-art in WPC tooling. It consists of a modular set of die, pre-calibration and cooling tank.

  • For WPC-NFC and technical profiles
  • Optimized for your applications
  • Custom extrusion die systems
  • Standardized calibrating and tank systems

Laboratory tools

Beolabs provides tooling and devices for any lab, research institute and training centre. Upon request from universities, research institutes and training centres we developed a series of small laboratory tools and tank systems. An optimized inlind rheoeter is also available.

  •  Tooling and devices for labs, research institutes and training centres
  • Plug and play solutions for standard tests
  • Adaptation of lab extruders to semi-industrial applications
  • Clamping standards

Refurbishment and upgrading

Wood Plastics are abrasive. Periodic refurbishment increases the lifetime of your tools. We offer this service for Beologic and for non-Beologic tools. Non-Beologic tools that are insufficiently documented can be reverse engineered with high performance 3D measuring methods. Non-Beologic tools can be upgraded by adding hight performance cooling tanks.

  • For Beologic and non-Beologic tools
    3D geometry documentation
  • Modifying of geometry
  • Solving processing issues

Know how

Beologic supports your tooling project from design to final product. Our engineering network provides extensive customer support, product development, problem analysis and optimizing existing production processes. Beologic customers and extruders who work with non-Beologic technology are equialy welcome to call upon the services of Beologic.

  • Support for product-material-process development
  • Process evaluation and improvement of existing equipment
  • Support, training and guidance for testing and compliance

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